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Related Research / Collaborations

We are collaborating with other scientists to study evolutionary innovations in behavior and physiology in other animals.

Anolis sagrei

Neural Basis of Behavior in Anole Lizards

Anole lizards display remarkable variation in behavior and physiology within and between sexes. We are collaborating with Prof David Kabelik (Rhodes College, Memphis, TN, USA) to study the neural basis of sex-typical behaviors in anole lizards.

Sleepy Lizard

Evolution of social behavior in Egernia lizards

Egernia lizards display remarkable variation in social systems, with solitary species, monogamous species, and species that live in family groups. We are collaborating with Prof Mike Gardner (Flinders University, Australia) to study the evolution of pair bonding behavior in reptiles from a neuroimmune perspective.

Neurodegeneration and Heat Stress in Anoles

We are collaborating with Dr. Shane Campell-Staton at UCLA to study how urban anoles have adapted to heat stress through changes in brain health. Our lab is helping with the neuroscience part of Shane's research, which has found that adaptations to heat stress involves changes in translation through tRNA synthetases. We are investigating from a neurogeneration perspective, where we are trying to figure out which cells in the brain are susceptable to heat (neurons or microglia) and how urban adaptations change neuronal cell death.