Bryan Juarez

Postdoctoral Researcher
NSF Postdoctoral Fellow
pronouns: he/him


Bryan Juarez

I am interested in the mechanisms driving macroevolutionary patterns. To this end, I am quantifying the degree to which climate drives the evolution of breeding behavior across the 7,000+ species of anurans (frogs and toads). Specifically, I am interested in knowing how breeding duration is affected by abiotic factors including temperature and precipitation, and the extent to which fluid homeostasis is associated with these patterns. Anurans maintain fluid homeostasis through many mechanisms including aquaporin proteins found in various tissues. I am also testing whether sequence diversity or gene expression related to aquaporin proteins are related to climate or varied levels of water availability.

When not in the lab, I enjoy cooking and finding salamanders, though not for related purposes.

Pronouns: He/Him