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Graduate Students:

Dr. Stephanie Caty (2019-2023); taking a break before applying to industry positions. Check out her podcast as well as this goodbye review we made for her dissertation defense. 

Dr. Aurora Alvarez-Buylla (2018-2023); deciding what she wants to do next. Check out this video we made for her goodbye gift at her dissertation defense.

Dr. Nora Moskowitz (2018-2022); works in industry - currently at Scale Biosciences

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Andrius Pašukonis (2018-2021); finishing up his Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship in French Guiana

Eva Fischer (2015-2019); now an Assistant Professor at University of Illinois

Alexandre-Benoit Roland (2013-2017); now a Research Scientist in France

Eugenia Sanchez (2019-2020; now a postdoc with Heike Prohl)

Devraj Singh (2016-2017 coadvised with Scott Edwards; now a postdoc with Ellen Ketterson).

Research Technicians/Data Scientists:

Chloe Hoeber (now leading a non-profit to expand healthcare equity in her ancestral village in Papua New Guinea)

Jesse Delia (2018-2020); now a Fellow at the American Museum of Natural History

Sarah Ludington (2021-2023);  applying to medical school


Maximilania Bogan (Stanford University, now a graduate student at the University of Chicago)

Siyuan Cheng (University of Illinois, now a graduate student at Yale University)

Benjamin Glauser (Harvard University)

Cyrus Hajian (Stanford University)

Jenni Haydek (Harvard University)

Andrew Hayden (Stanford University)

Christopher Jackson (Stanford University, now a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati)

Jenna McGugan (Harvard University)

Jordan McKinney (Stanford University, now a graduate student at U Penn)

Jason Millington (Evo-Devo-Eco Network intern, now a postdoc in the O'Brien Lab at Stanford)

Moremi Mabogunje (Foothill College, now at San Fransisco State University)

Javon Mullings (Wheaton College)

High School Students:

Alexis Bonilla, Bella Carriker, Puja Dutta, Kevin Eappen, Gwen Ellis, Mary Erb, Narinka Guichette, Rebecca Hickey, Nisha Kabir, Prapti Koirala, Tessa Lewis, Chloe Marsanne , Rio Nelson-Marx, Olivia Nieves, Bijan Rosen, Jonah Simon, Mahbooba Tamanna