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Froggers School Program

The Frogger School Program was developed by Professor O'Connell in 2012 as a partnership with K-12 science teachers to bring dynamic, meaningful, and engaging learning experiences to the classroom. 

What we do for Frogger Classrooms

  • We will provide you with everything to get started - including a full terrarium set up and frogs.

  • We have sample lesson plans for integrating your classroom poison frogs into your science curriculum.

  • Our lab members will visit your classrooms (if you are in the Bay Area) or Skype with your class to talk about our latest science and field work.

  • Once per year, we collaborate with all participating classrooms on an original science project.

What Frogger Classroom do:

  • Each classroom cares for their classroom pets. This is a team effort that requires culturing feeder insects as food for frogs and ensuring that each frog has a suitable habitat.

  • Please contribute to the community by sharing your lesson plans!