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Recent News

Aug 24 2018
Travis Ramirez and Harmony Alvarez present their summer research at the Biology Undergraduate Research symposia today! We are so proud of them!
Aug 10 2018
RISE (Raising Interest in Science and Engineering) high school interns Lizbeth Rios (Los Altos High School) and Helen Nguyen (Andrew P Hill High School) present their research with postdoc mentor Jessica Nowicki.  Liz and Helen spent the summer developing a partner preference assay for Ranitomeya...
Jun 16 2018
Our poison frogs help solve an evolutionary mystery about where stem cells are made. In all mammals, stem cells and blood are made in bones - by why is that? This study showed that all aquatic animals have a melanocyte umbrella above their stem cell niche. Our frogs came into the story with first...
May 14 2018
Aurora Alvarez-Buylla has joined the lab as a graduate student from the Biology program. Aurora is interested in working on the molecular evolution of proteins involved in poison frog toxicity. She also was just awarded a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! Welcome to Aurora!
Apr 3 2018
Incoming graduate students Nora Moskowitz and Stephanie Caty received Graduate Research Fellowships from the National Science Foundation. Congrats to Nora and Steph!