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Recent News

Jul 1 2019
Lauren received a $500,000 grant from the Rita Allen Foundation to study how nutrition during tadpole development influences brain development and function. Tadpoles for the win!
Jun 4 2019
Aurora received a R. C. Lewontin Award from the Society for the Study of Evolution to fund her early dissertation work! Congrats Aurora and all other award recipients.
Mar 18 2019
Lauren received an NSF CAREER grant to study spatial cognition in rainforest frogs. Educational components include founding a lab course at Stanford and creating a community college internship program.
Jan 20 2019
We (finally) published our study on the effect of seasons on Mantella laevigata diet and chemical defense. We found that although diet differs between the seasons, mantella toxic alkaloid profiles are relatively buffered against seasonal variation in arthropod availability. One of the most exciting...