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Recent News

May 28 2020
Lauren was named a McKnight Scholar to investigate how tadpoles imprint on their parents during infancy. 
Mar 21 2020
Billie Goolsby has joined the lab as a grad student! She is studying how poison frog moms interpret communication from their mates and offspring to make appropriate behavioral decisions. She has already established a community engagement program with California School for the Deaf, bringing them...
Feb 2 2020
The lab has had some turn-over recently, with Dr. Eva Fischer leaving to start her own lab at the University of Illinois. Eva was a postdoc in the lab for 4 years, spanning our move from Harvard to Stanford. We wish her the best of luck as she starts her new lab.
Nov 26 2019
We published a paper in Current Biology this week on the Mechanisms of Convergent Egg Provisioning in Poison Frogs. This work was performed equally by Eva Fischer and Alex Roland, current and past postdocs in the lab. Our own Nora Moskowitz performed the toxin analysis. It was the result of 4 years...
Nov 26 2019
Lauren was named a New York Stem Cell Foundation Robertson Neuroscience Investigator and received a 1.5 million dollar grant to study the neural basis of behavior in tadpoles.