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Recent News

Nov 13 2020
Billie passed her quals! She will be studying how R. imitator parents coordinate offspring care.  David has been our lab manager for one year! We all miss each other and it was great to have our first social event with physical distancing.
Oct 2 2020
Our lab is up and running with many new members. This month, we welcomed Mesi Fischer, Andrew Hayden, and Chloe Hoeber. We also said goodbye to Jesse Delia who moved to New York City for a job at the American Museum of National History. The lab is up and running (with approriate physical...
Aurora and Lauren received the Gilliam Fellowship, which is given to grad student-advisor pairs to support graduate student research and outreach that increases diversity in science. We are very excited about receiving formal training in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. This award also...
Lauren received a Pew Biomedical Scholar award to fund work on how nutrition circuits influence behavior in tadpoles.
Jun 7 2020
Dr. Julie Butler led a lab reflection about our lab values, professional needs, and overall balance. It was a great time to reflect on what we are all doing here and why we are passionate about our work.  Check out our word cloud, where lab members were asked to pick 10 words that reflect our lab ...