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Title Description Quarter Day, Time, Location
BIO 161 (section 1)
Organismal Biology Lab

This laboratory is a genuine research experience course where students will contribute to original research in a field of organismal biology. The course will consist of two modules: In the first module, students will perform a drug screen for novel compounds that influence animal behavior. In the second module, students will use gene editing technologies to test the role of specific proteins involved in mental diseases. Students will work collaboratively to collect and analyze data and will learn to communicate their findings clearly through oral and written formats.

2019-2020 Autumn
1:30pm - 5:20pm
Departmental Room
BIO 85 (section 1)

Principles of evolution. Adaptation and natural selection. Darwin and the history of evolutionary thought. Population genetics, including genetic variation and mutation, and effects of migration, drift, linkage, and recombination. Evolutionary phenomena: developmental evolution, life history evolution, molecular evolution, sexual selection, social evolution, and speciation. Pattern and process in biological diversity. Case studies, including human evolution. Prerequisites: None. NOTE: Section enrollments will be handled on Canvas. Students will receive a message on how to sign up.

2019-2020 Winter
Monday Wednesday Friday
11:30am - 12:20pm
THINK 15 (section 1)
How Does Your Brain Work?

How do the biology and chemistry of the brain create the mind that lets us talk, walk, laugh, love, learn, remember, and forget? What can neuroscience say about what makes us human? How can we ask questions about the brain that are observable, testable, and answerable? The human brain is the most complex organ we know.

2019-2020 Autumn
Tuesday Thursday
9:30am - 10:20am
Shriram Ctr BioChemE 104